Moving Preparation- Packing and Unpacking Services 

Are you getting ready to move but completely dread the thought of packing and unpacking all of your belongings? Chrissy can help make your move easier. Chrissy will start by going through your belongings and decluttering any unwanted items. Once you have decided what you are taking, Chrissy will pack your belongs in preparation for your move. This will create a fresh start in your new home and also help eliminate some cost of moving boxes. Chrissy will also work with the movers on your behalf and can arrange for any "junk" to be taken away by a local junk removal company.  

Whether you are just moving into a new living space, or you will be moving into the Massachusetts area for the first time, Chrissy can help with unpacking and putting all your belongings away. Chrissy will unpack your boxes, get your kitchen set up, beds made, closets moved into, and bathrooms organized. 

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Storage Unit Organization

Do you have a storage unit that you may not need? Lets go through your storage unit and remove unneccessary or unwanted items. You might be able to either downsize or get rid of the storage unit all together.