Meet Chrissy

Meet Chrissy 

Born a navy brat on base in Bremerton Washington, Chrissy moved as many as 22 times in her life on both the east and west coasts, spending her younger years in San Diego. When her parents separated she moved to Massachusetts for High School. She is currently living in Mendon MA, the longest time in one home, 7 years.

Chrissy was recently married for the second time. Together with her husband, Chrissy and Jeff bring together 3 Boys; Andrew, Jack, and Cameron.  Most of the year you can find her and family pulling a camper while chasing motocross races since all the boys in her home ride and race. When she isn't following her boys to races and sports, in her free time Chrissy likes crafting and really enjoys exercise.

Before becoming a professional organizer she worked as a licensed Property and Casualty producer, working specifically Personal Lines Insurance and Realtors Professional Liability. 

How did Chrissy get so Organized?

Chrissy's oldest son was born with a Congenital Heart Defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. With this diagnosis came great responsibility. With that responsibility came lots of organizing many medications, daily/weekly doctors appointments, as well as manage every day home and work life balance. 

Chrissy realized how organized this life experience made her and she decided to make it her profession. She started with organizing friends homes to now organizing clients homes.  Chrissy has lead and assisted in over 30 moves. She doesn't mind getting dirty gets and knows how to use tools, even comes with her own toolbox. 

Chrissy truly loves working with all types of people of all ages. She finds herself to be relatable to so many others through her past life experiences. She has learned something new from each and everyone of her clients. Chrissy has either taken a life lesson or a life story from every one of her organizing sessions. Each client has touched her heart in some way and she looks forward to working with you too! 

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